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Smile empty soul [userpic]
Yeah, so...
by Smile empty soul (nevermore199)
at December 25th, 2006 (11:02 pm)

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I'm starting to lose interest in GX (please don't scream at me). So, I wanted to get rid of a couple plot bunnies that I've had for a while. I think they'd be nice when written; I just lack the interest required to write them.

They're under the cut, because this isn't the world's shortest post, and I'm considerate of people's friends lists to an extent.

Plot Bunny Number One

How about a Yu-Gi-Oh! GX version of The Phantom of the Opera?

...Yeah. You now have permission to shoot me.

But, um, once you're done with your guns, here's my proposed list of characters.

Please note that my character list is based off the 2004 movie adaptation, so any characters not in the movie are not included.

Christine Daae - Asuka Tenjoin
Raoul - Juudai Yuki
Erik/Phantom/Whatever you call him - Ryou Marufuji
Madame Giry - Emi Ayukawa (or possibly Hibiki-sensei for you manga readers)
Meg Giry - Momoe Hamaguchi or Junko Makurada
Richard Firmin and Gilles André - Shoji and Chosaku Manjoume
Monsieur Lefevre - Daichi Misawa
Director person - Jun Manjoume or Shou Marufuji (whichever strikes your fancy)
Carlotta - Ran Kochou
Joseph Buquet - Whoever you want to see dead.
Piangi - Hayato Maeda (which will initiate HayatoRan Crack!Love)
Random singing musical actor people - Whoever else is left.

Did I forget anyone? I hope I didn't forget anyone.

Of course, you don't have to follow that list. It's just a suggestion.

The only problem I ever had with this, apart from my inability to write it, would be the songs that would probably need to be incoporated. But, maybe one of you smart, GX-y people can make it work without songs.

...Ahem. That's all I have on that idea.

Plot Bunny Number Two

This one is a Ryou x Asuka fantasy parody, in which Prince Ryou is turned into a frog and has quite an adventure trying to find a princess to turn him back to normal. Of course, you can substitute characters as you wish. I just thought Ryou x Asuka fit for this one.

Now, then, proposed character list.

Prince Ryou - Ryou Marufuji
Princess Asuka - Asuka Tenjoin
Prince Fubuki - Fubuki Tenjoin
Evil Witch Who Is The Cause Of Ryou Being A Frog - Ran Kochou
Wacky Scientist Who Likes To Dissect Frogs - Daichi Misawa
The Village Fools - Juudai Yuki, Shou Marufuji, and Hayato Maeda
Weird Guy Who Talks To Frogs About His Problems And Thinks They Understand Him - Jun Manjoume

Again, add, take, or switch characters as desired. Especially if you like Ran, because I don't. Which was very very slightly why I cast her as Carlotta and the Evil Witch.

And...yeah. Those were both it. I think those would be good stories...I just lack the interest and the motivation to write them. So, if anyone wants to write them, comment so I can stalk you until you get them done know who you are, just for the fun of it.

Or, you know, if you're not interested, you can ignore this post. Whatever strikes your fancy.


Posted by: Neo Arkadia (neo_arkadia)
Posted at: December 26th, 2006 06:56 am (UTC)

Misawa as a villain @ Frog. And the fangirls would go "OMG" at Ryou and Manjoume in the frog one.

No clue with the Phantom, other then there's a weirdo with half a mask.

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