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Neo Arkadia [userpic]
Go Go GX Cardranger!
by Neo Arkadia (neo_arkadia)
at December 28th, 2006 (09:21 pm)

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GX as Power Rangers. Somehow. Not sure how.

Juudai as the Red Ranger obviously. Everyone else debatable.

Kagemaru, Saiou, Cobra, etc. As major villains.

Blargh. Lack of detail.


Posted by: jenniebird (jenniebird)
Posted at: February 3rd, 2007 05:36 am (UTC)

I followed the link here from the other gx comm, and... wow, that's a cracktastic idea. The obvious choice for Manjoume would be black, and Shou for blue, because he wears glasses. I'd have a hard time deciding between Asuka and Rei for pink and yellow. Asuka's more popular, so maybe she should be pink... on the other hand, Rei is from Osiris Red, and isn't red closer to pink? Decisions, decisions.

Saiou should be the White Ranger, 'cause he used to be controlled by evil forces too.

[/takes her Power Rangers very seriously]

Posted by: Neo Arkadia (neo_arkadia)
Posted at: February 3rd, 2007 05:43 am (UTC)

Poor White Rangers.

Though, the possiblities of Arcana Force Extra - The Light Ruler as it's own Zord/Megazord = Awesomeness.

And, don't Pinks tended to be love interest of the leader? :? ... Then again. Juudai = Idiot. Rei wants him. And in the dub, Asuka wants him. D|

Posted by: jenniebird (jenniebird)
Posted at: February 13th, 2007 01:32 am (UTC)

Mm... seriously (for a change), I've only seen the original Power Rangers, so I don't know about the later incarnations. But maybe Kenzan can be yellow instead.

At first, I thought Asuka liking Juudai wasn't really implied in the show... but S3 changed my mind a bit.

Posted by: Neo Arkadia (neo_arkadia)
Posted at: February 13th, 2007 01:49 am (UTC)
Sour Kraut

Hmm, don't recall a male yellow ranger. I think Blue, Red, White, Black, and Green tended to be the manly men. But I could be wrong. Haven't actively watched since Wild Force. :D;;;

Asuka *technically* has no romantic feelings for Juudai if Canon is to be believed. She just thought he was an *interesting guy* (If my memory of the original version of EP 2 is correct.)

It's just probably Asuka, like Shou and the sort, are used to Juudai heroics, that they expect him to save them. Even if he's been shot dead in the room next to him.

Either that or 4kids is paying them money to script it that way.

Posted by: jenniebird (jenniebird)
Posted at: February 13th, 2007 02:10 am (UTC)

I thought I'd buck tradition, since it makes more sense for Kenzan to be yellow. You know... because he's always wearing yellow... *feels stupid for stating the obvious*

I was thinking of S3 E2 (I think?), when Rei winks at Juudai and Asuka looks irritated. I hope she doesn't like him romantically, because I don't find that interesting.

Posted by: Neo Arkadia (neo_arkadia)
Posted at: February 13th, 2007 02:16 am (UTC)

True true. HE ALWAYS wears Yellow. Even as a Spacesaurus, he has the yellow headband!

Could be interpretted as Asuka being miffy about Rei's priorities, and she should be there to duel, not to flirt. But with the Juudai x Asuka shippers... anything's possible. ;)

Posted by: Unknown Neo (theunknowneo)
Posted at: February 8th, 2007 10:19 pm (UTC)

I also take mine seriously. As seen on the PRWP journal.
But I have two seasons of this.
One based off the elemental heros and having the V to Z cards as a megazord(since that's what I thought when I first saw it) and those three bug-bot cards white thunder beat misawa with.
And another based off the neo spacians. With original zords.
If anyone wants to hear about these I'd be happier then judai with a new card pack to share it.

Posted by: jenniebird (jenniebird)
Posted at: February 13th, 2007 01:32 am (UTC)

Sure, I'd like to! I didn't even think about the zords.

Posted by: Unknown Neo (theunknowneo)
Posted at: February 13th, 2007 05:32 am (UTC)

Most of this is done while bored and with some adaptations on the shows and I don't have all of it thought out yet. But I do have a lot thought out yet.
I also have two seasons of sentai/PR ideas.
Everything is my idea. If you want to use these, my email is in my profile.

The first series is based off the Elemental Heroes.
The morphing devices look like small Duel Disks that the slide a card in.
Duelist Transformation is pretty much what I thought of could be the command. Any equip spell only for that monster, like the spark gun, is the morphed weapon. They also a secondary weapon. The other characters sometimes will use their own cards in a fight. Like with the Ojamas.

Judai is Duel Green with Featherman as his morphing card. The Feather Shot card turns into a sword and feathers that he can throw like knives. The Z Metal Tank is his zord.

Asuka is Duel Red with Burst Lady as her card. The Burst Return is turned into two small swords and she can throw fire. Y Dragon Head is her zord.

Manjyome Thunder is Duel Yellow with Sparkman as his card. He has the Spark Gun and can throw lightning. X Head Cannon is his zord.

Who actually leads would be Judai but sometimes one of the others might lead is he's not there.

Sho is Duel Blue with Bubbleman as his card. The Bubble Shot is his weapon(sometimes he might use the Bubble Rod) and he shoots that little gun on his arm. Like the card. His zord is W Wing Catapult.

Misawa is Duel Black with Clayman as his card. The Clay Charger is turned into a pair of arm guards that he uses for punching and the Clay Wrap can be used as the actual card or throw as a mud weapon of sorts. V Tiger Jet is his zord.

The weapons combine Sho's in on the bottom the Misawa's and Manjyome's in front of the guards. Then you put Asuka's over them and put Judai's on top like the first season power blaster. And it fires a great blast like it too.

Kenzan is Duel Wild (a grayish-brown suit) with Wildman as his card.
He has the Cyclone Boomerang and that sword Wildman has as weapons.
Either he doesn't have a zord or he uses Beetron-1 Kabutop as a zord and they fuse to the Assault Cannon Beetle or the Combat Scissors Beetle.

Kaiser or Edo(I couldn't ever really figure this out) is Duel Edge(gold suit) with Edgeman as the card. Edge Hammer is the weapon. The zord could be Beetron-2 Kawagaturbo.

Fubuuki is Duel Dark(black with some purple suit) with Necro Darkman as the card. The Necro Shot turns into a claw type weapon. Beetron-3 Spider Base is his zord.

Their combo weapon is the hammer with the boomerang connected to the staff part and have the claw on top of the hammer. Maybe like the weapon of wild force or ninja storm's(when the yellow is in front). This can connect to the other's weapon by putting in on top then putting Judai's sword on top for an even bigger blast.

They can also do things like the monster can do.
Sho and Misawa can turn into Bubbleman Neo and Clay Guardman.
Also they can use fusion to get weapons like a cannon from Flame Wingman or two large arm guards from Thunder Giant.

The Duelist Megazord (V to Z Dragon Catapult Cannon) can either blwon the monsters up like the card's attack or it can use a Element Sword like most Megazords. The cockpit's have card slots that they can put cards in for attacks or defense like using Winged Kuriboh to block an attack.

I like the full team armor and the team can gain armor to look like the monsters. As in gaining wings and a wrist claw for Judai.

The MOTW (Monsters of the Week) Could just be common monster cards. Like at the monsters of Saiou. They grow huge with that season's villain's power. I.E. the white light.

That's all for the first season. Or at least all I thought up.

Posted by: Unknown Neo (theunknowneo)
Posted at: February 13th, 2007 05:34 am (UTC)

Second part since I couldn't post it all in one.

For the second season I used the Neo Spacians. And since there's no girl, Asuka isn't in it sadly. I also had to think up new zords and weapons. The armor makes them look like the Contact Fusion form of their card. Also no idea what the suits look like but I like to think they're like Neos only styled like a ranger suit.

All of them and their weapons are named after the element and the zords are named after the animal or plant.

Airranger(white) - Judai
Air sword
Hummingbird jet
Think of it like the Zeo Zord 5 It can fly by really fast and attack. Also it connects like it too.

Flareranger(red) - Manjyoume
Flare sabers
Scarab tank
Since he's the "rival" he gets the red suit. And the tank has a scarab horn on the cannon barrel which moves to a shoulder and can be used with the drill for the big gun attack. Either can lead like in the first season.

Aquaranger(blue) - Sho
Aqua echolocator(cannon)
Dolphin sub
The zord is like the blue ninja ranger's zord and it would move through sand just as well. The head splits open and the hand comes out from there.

Groundranger(yellow) - Misawa
Ground drill
Mole drill
Like the card, the drill splits and moves back. Both this and the dophin head on sho's sub can move back on for a drill attack or sonic attack. The drill also connects to the scarab cannon for the gun based big attack.

Darkranger(black) - Fubuki
Dark claws
Panther Robo
The claws act just like any other kind of claws and I couldn't think of any other kind of kind of zord so I just used a mech-panther. It would work like the season one saber tooth tiger zord in combination.

Glowranger(green) - Kenzan
Glow spear/shield
Moss cycle
It's a big thing of moss so it's hard to think of a zord. This seemed to work. And he can make and throw spears like the card.

The Megazord also has a sword for finishing attacks. I like the sword move for Megazords.

I guess that's all. It took a long time to type that even though I had it mostly already typed/copy/pasted.

So how about those ideas.

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