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Neo Arkadia [userpic]
Who You Gonna Call? Ghost... Busters?
by Neo Arkadia (neo_arkadia)
at February 4th, 2007 (06:33 pm)

Hmm... rather oddball idea.

Basically, Edo Phoenix, probably during Season 3 or post Season 3, along with Saiou, and who knows, maybe Mizuchi, find themselves haunted by the vengueful spirit of DD.

Yes. DD, the world champion. Who presumeably died in the explosion of his ocean liner/super yacht.

Basically, DD, due to his ego, rage, and obsession with being a chosen one, and his violent death, causes him to become a poltergeist or some form of ghost (Or we could always go with the Japanese ghost archetypes here. ;D).

Creepy stuff happens. Chairs fly. Stuff breaks. Ghostly woooo mist.

Eventual confrontation between DD and Edo at the end.

Possibly also connect the Wave infecting DD into it?