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jas [userpic]
by jas (dingus)
at December 8th, 2006 (09:38 am)

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I had this bunny while dueling Hino last night and him complaining of getting sucky, horrible draws while dueling me:

A jinx-themed duelist with some kind of anti-luck strategy. Or luck-raping strategy. |D VS Juudai as a response to all the lucksacking arguments.

Gave me an idea for an interesting cont. trap or field card: Controller throws a die each standby phase. Both duelists must put the number of cards indicated by the dice back into their decks, shuffle, and draw the same number of cards to replace them.

Would be an insane card, both extremely annoying when you get good draws and a godsend when you're getting bad draws, and it'd make long term strategizing almost impossible.

Call it 'Musical Chairs' maybe? |D

In a similar vein: Deck-stealing / switching strategy. Sort of like Kagurazaka, but worse. So someone could come in with a big f'n awesome deck, but the deckswitcher would use cards to exchange hands, use the opponent's graveyard, swap LP, draw from their deck, search in their deck, whatnot, to essentially use their own cards against them. Possibly also stock their own deck with a bunch of 'punishing' monsters (things like Dark Elf or.. gah, that one dinosaur that gives you X lp when summoned and takes away half additionally when destroyed), sucky or outright infectious monsters so when they switched with the other player, they'd put their opponent at a disadvantage.

Neo Arkadia [userpic]
Evangelion GX
by Neo Arkadia (neo_arkadia)
at December 7th, 2006 (09:26 pm)

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What? You knew it was coming.

Rei is Rei.

Asuka as Asuka.

DD as Gendo perhaps?

Edo as Shinji then?

The Arcana Force as the Angels.

Alien of Light as Adam?

And, all the Evas are Duel Monsters.

xkimsaurus [userpic]
Finally gave in...
by xkimsaurus (xkimsaurus)
at December 8th, 2006 (01:14 am)

Tying Domino back in with the plot.

Ancient Dragons and past lives..

...and so using the Fortress of Ancient Dragons.

*Chrono Cross ripoffs, ftw.*


jas [userpic]
Gave it to myself in comments.
by jas (dingus)
at December 7th, 2006 (08:06 pm)

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Manjoume WINNING the first match against Saiou.

Wave of Light deciding he'd make a better host.



The Full Neko Alchemist [userpic]
Plot Bunnies Ahoy
by The Full Neko Alchemist (toonmahavailo)
at December 8th, 2006 (12:11 am)

Number 1 - The fact Daito!Soul can get around relatively unnoticed, and spy on people... in the shower... like Tome, yo.

Number 2 - Kabayama has to teach Chronos how to cook curry.

Number 3 - The evil mastermind is none other than Pharaoh. You know he's got brains.

Number 4 - AU GX set in Ancient Egypt, kind of alongside the Duel Monsters canon. Would obviously need a lot of work. Would be a useful setting for Daito/Amnael since Ancient Egypt was reknowned for alchemy. And have him as a villain/not hero person - Amnael was an awesome villain.

Number 5 - PharaohKong.

Number 6 - Manjoume has the Death Note. -.-

The Crossover - YGO GX/Dragon Quest 8. When the Items of the Seven Stars steal their victims souls in a shadow game, they are transported to the Dragon Quest 8 world (explaination would be needed, obviously). This means they arrive with their decks, duel disks, and turn up sometime after each other. They must find a way back home, blah blah blah whilst not getting burnt at the stake for possessing the technology. Angelo runs a harem deck with unedited art. Find a way to add the Seven Stars to chase them as an opposing evil force to old Rapphy.

The comic - Samejima calls upon the cast to protect the Academia from its greatest threat yet. The CC deck.

Will note down any more if I think of them.

Neo Arkadia [userpic]
A Dark World
by Neo Arkadia (neo_arkadia)
at December 7th, 2006 (07:37 pm)

A Darker World

With the defeat of the Society of Light, Juudai's life is turning back to normal. But a strange tidal wave and the voice of a girl only he can see calls him beyond his own world.

But Juudai wakes up in a horrible dimension, where everything has turned horribly wrong. All of his friends in the Society of Light, Osiris Red demolished, and his name nonexistant. Can he survive in this new dark world? Or will he fall to the forces of Saiou?


- Between Season 2 and 3
- Shou's going white influenced due to a harsher life at the Academia and hating his brother's shadow.
- So a Chrono Cross ripoff

Neo Arkadia [userpic]
Plot: The Big Leagues
by Neo Arkadia (neo_arkadia)
at December 7th, 2006 (07:26 pm)

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Alternate Universe:
- No Duel Academias, Merely Minor League Pro Dueling.
- Three Major Teams: The Shining Blues, Ra Yellow, and the Red Wings (Needs more teams for Obelisk Blue Girls and Saiou's people).
- Juudai had met Hibiki Kouyou
- Juudai sees Yuugi duel one day, and resolves himself to duel Yuugi.
- Ultimate Story plot is Juudai dueling Yuugi Mutou.
- Daitokuji, Ayukawa, Chronos, and Kabayama would be the managers of the dueling teams for their respective groups.

jas [userpic]
Old idea dump.
by jas (dingus)
at December 7th, 2006 (06:17 pm)

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These are barely plotbunnies. Most of them are just twinges of ideas. D|

1) This is an old idea I got from bantering with Fran from Kokoro no Naka back in the day -- completely ignoring DM canon or finding a bassackwards excuse, Shou gets ahold of the Sennen Ring, spirit and all. Has the best potential as a comedy fic (ie, Juudai not noticing the faintest difference |D). Why write it? If for no other reason, one potential scene: since the end of the AE arc proved the spirit's predilection for them, Yami!Shou stealing Manjoume's trenchcoat. |/

2) Further exploration of sorely neglected elements in the first season, ie, the whole Darkness Games business going on with Daito and Fubuki.

3) Same goes for Saiou; what the hell was up with him, Mizuchi and Edo before he got Wave of Light'd? Opportunity for either character insight or fluff (ie, wee Saiou practicing early stumbling attempts at tarot readings on wee Edo. D|)

4) Alternate Manjoume backstory: What if Manjoume's family had actually started out rather poor / badly, and his brothers managed to come into success through either luck or bootstrapping? Could be used as rationale for why they're so hard on him, why the whole family seems rather Darwinistic in their approaches to problems, any number of various quirks in Manjoume's psyche (ie how much he loathes Osiris but he acclimated pretty quickly.) Could get way too angsty if done wrong.

5) Halloweeny fic. Someone's a werewolf. Nuff said. |D

6) Donnie Darko parody / tribute. I STARTED doing this as a shitty comic... Would be very interesting to see someone try to do it as a fic. Essentially, the story starts out:

Manjoume has been dysfunctional since the whole Society of Light incident. Nightmares, acting out, increasingly despondant and antisocial, etc.

One night he hears a voice calling him out of the dorm; he follows it outside and is confronted with a guy in a really f'n creepy Ojama costume...

Wakes up outside the next day with numbers written on his arm. (For the sake of parody it could be 1 month, 10 days, 100 hours, 1000 minutes...)

Heads back to the dorm, which is surrounded by police tape and confused kids.

His brothers' helicopter, MAN symbol and all, has crashed into the dorm. In. His. Room. And there was no one in it.

Possibly dicey spoilers continue.Collapse )

I also have ten ass billion PGX plotbunnies that I'll never be able to work into the main fic, but they don't count |D

I'll see if I can find more later..

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