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The GX Plot Dropoff and Adoption Community

Dynatherms connected! Plotthrusters are go!

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Welcome to gx_plotuary, The GX Plot Dropoff and Adoption Community.

This community is used for the friendly depoisting, exchange, and adoption of story plots based on the series known as "Yu-Gi-Oh! GX", also known as "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX".

We also seem to have taken to helping a few authors developing plot lines for stories they could of otherwise not of developed without our help.

1 - This community is for the most part PG-13. Extremely dark and overtly sexual plots of an R or X nature go behind a cut and for gosh sake, warn people. And really don't make it wanky over dramatic R, that just annoys people.

2 - No porno spam. Not gentila enlarging spam. No... WTF sex spam.

3 - No RP promoting at all. That person will find their post deleted.

4 - This is for story ideas you can't complete or do, not for previews of a fic you will do. However, people commenting, if you do do something with it, feel free to show us.

5 - Pro Dub and Pro Raw people, get along and be a happy fuzzy fluffy family. This community will not stand for Dub VS Raw flame wars. Rawr.

6 - Have fun, play nice, and try to talk to one another in a polite manner. You may not like others here, but professional politeness is always a good thing. As the canon we follow says: "Fair Play, Fair Duel".